This blog is dedicated to stopping Jerry McNerney from being elected in 2010.  This effort is not affiliated with the GOP, whom I think generally act like putzes.  I’m a libertarian/conservative who voted for Perot, and discovered too late that there really is a difference between the parties.  The recent contest (November, 2009) between Hoffman, Scuzzy, and Owens in NY-23 shows that a third party is unviable.  Scuzzy got 5% of the vote.  These are either die-hard Republicans who wouldn’t vote outside of the party, clueless folks, or people who wanted to show the message that they wouldn’t support a third party.  Whichever it may be, that race and the 1992 Bush/Clinton/Perot battle show that third parties cannot win.  We must work with what we have, and change what we must.  I will do my part to change the GOP, right here, right now.

I’m just one person, and it’s a big world. I feel that I must follow (politically) the saying…

First take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye…

Lets face it.  We have state and federal legislatures that are unresponsive to the concerns of ordinary Americans.  What we as individuals and families do on a daily basis – try to live within our means – they continuously flaunt.  California needs a loan?  Well, who cares if you are barely meeting your budget.  We’ll increase your withholdings.  Some 15% refuse to get their own health insurance?  Lets devestate the entire health care system and mandate – that is, require, by force of government action, i.e., a gun, that you join into a plan that requires things that you don’t want?  Well, I’ve had enough.  So, I’m going to remove the plank from my own eye,   Jeffy McNerney.  This blog will examine the local race over the next two years.  I will question the opponents of Jeffy McNerney.  I will examine the bills that he has supported over the last few years, and argue why individuals should be left to choose their own destinies. 

Yes, sometimes I will complain about the speck in the eyes of others.  I will make random observations about other issues.  These will be directed to my other blog, deadite, which will continue after this blog has accomplished its purpose.  I will also make observations about the other races that I have concerns about: my local legislative races, and the Senate race between Babs Boxer and whoever! 

I will be fair, and where I see that he has done something good, I will comment on it.  But for the most part, this blog will concentrate on Jerry and how he has contributed to increased totalitarianism and fascism.  I am not afraid to use those words.  This health care bill will take over 1/6 of the US economy.  It is an unprecedented combination of government control and government/business interaction that interferes directly in the lives of every American, whether they want it or not.  This is his blog.  Yes, Jerry, you are welcome.


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